سيروم اوفروز المضاد للشوائب 30 مل
سيروم اوفروز المضاد للشوائب 30 مل

Wholesale Anti-Blemish Serum 30 ml (00553548457)

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Artır Azalt


OFROSE Blemish Serum: prevents the appearance of spots on the skin and helps lighten the color of existing spots. Reduces dark spots and acne spots. Increases skin clarity. Afrose Blemish Serum fights blemishes with its new and improved formula containing twice the gentle yet powerful Illuminating Molecule. Helps reduce the effects of daily aggressions to the skin (such as pollution and sun exposure) such as increased pigmentation, signs of accelerated aging and dull skin.

Blemish Serum OFROSE series helps prevent the appearance of age spots on the skin, balance the production of melanin, and support the transport of melanin into cells. It is a super powerful serum designed to improve your skin's texture, tone balance and radiance. With its unique anti-blemish formula, it also supports the regeneration of your skin. It also clears your skin of sun spots in the next step. The Black Diamond in OFROSE anti-blemish serum revitalizes the skin with truffle mushrooms and smoothes the skin's surface thanks to the South Sea Pearl. It gives you glowing and healthy skin.

One of the most practical recommendations of skin care professionals is to take precautions before sun spots appear on the face. For clean skin, don't forget to take action early and protect your skin.


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