About Istabuy.com


Launched in 2019, Istabuy.com is the leading platform for global

wholesale trade in Turkey. We serve thousands of buyers and suppliers around the world.


Our Mission


As part of the Istabuy Group, our mission is to make it easy to do

business anywhere.

We do this by giving suppliers the tools necessary to reach a global

audience for their products, and by helping buyers find products and

suppliers quickly and efficiently.


ISTABUY GROUP LTD is a leading wholesaler in chic women’s fashion, located in the heart of

Istanbul. We have been serving our customers for over 1 year with the latest, fashion forward styles

and celebrity inspired looks.


As your #1 wholesale vendor, we always beat the trend, helping many 5 figure businesses become 7-8

figure businesses. We have fought to break the boundaries of fashion, giving us Turkey’s trendsetting

appeal. ISTABUY GROUP places quality above everything else. Styles are handpicked with

utmost care and we strive for exceptional customer satisfaction.

We offer fast shipping , as well as international shipping to over 80 countries


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