سيروم اوفروز المضاد للشيخوخة 30 مل
سيروم اوفروز المضاد للشيخوخة 30 مل

Wholesale Anti-aging serum 30ml (00553548458)

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Artır Azalt

With Powerthrough Chronolux Power Technology with faster repair and regeneration power, the new OFROSE serum first helps increase cell renewal and collagen production for firmer skin. While OFROSE serum helps you achieve a brighter and more radiant complexion, it is also intended to work quickly against all the effects of aging such as lines, wrinkles, sagging and uneven tone. Provides intense hydration for hours with the hyaluronic acid it contains. Provides healthy looking skin by minimizing the appearance of pores. While it helps you smooth out existing wrinkles and lines and prevent them from forming in the future, on the other hand, it continues to provide all-day hydration support with its Hyaluronic Acid formula. By increasing cell repair and collagen, it provides you with the appearance of radiant, healthy and glowing skin.

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