كريم الكولاجين لشد علامات التمدد من اوفروز وكريم السيلوليت 250 مل
كريم الكولاجين لشد علامات التمدد من اوفروز وكريم السيلوليت 250 مل

Wholesale Collagen Firming Stretch Marks And Cellulite Cream 250 ml (00553548885)

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Artır Azalt

OFROSE Collagen & Colloidal Ppm 40 Silver Water Cream for Stretch Marks 250ml: It has moisturizing, nourishing and protective properties for all skin types. Collagen and Colloidal Silver Ppm 40 Silver Water Facial and Body Lotion enriched with powerful antioxidants Q10 and Vitamin C helps soothe the skin thanks to its active and non-particle active ingredients, while eliminating cracks and scars in time due to various fructose. For complexion, allowing you to have smoother and more natural looking skin. Helps increase skin tolerance level. While it helps moisturize and strengthen the skin, it also balances the moisture level of the skin and nourishes the tired cells due to aging under the skin, allowing you to have a younger appearance. Application: Suitable for all age groups. Specifically designed for the face and body. After taking a shower, dry the skin and body, take the product in the palm of your hand in sufficient quantity and massage the entire body well. Twice a day is enough.

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