سيروم ماء فضي مضاد للشوائب ومعادل درجة اللون من اوفروز 30 مل
سيروم ماء فضي مضاد للشوائب ومعادل درجة اللون من اوفروز 30 مل

Wholesale Silver Water Anti-Blemishes & Tone Neutralizing Serum 30 ml (8680168798876)

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Ofrose Silver Water Anti-Blemish Serum 30ml: OFROSE Collodial Ppm 40 Anti-Blemish Serum is made with rich botanical extracts from nature and Colliadal Ppm 40 Silver Water nono particles. It is formulated against blemishes and uneven skin tone due to sun, aging and environmental factors. While Provitamin B5 SPF 30 Licorice Root Extract protects your skin from spots thanks to its mineral filter feature, Silver Colloidal Ppm 40 Silver Water virtually rejuvenates your skin, leaving you looking more vibrant, radiant and youthful. It has a protective effect against the harmful effects of the sun and can be used in all seasons. Pro-Vitamin B5 Thanks to this powerful vitamin, helps restore lost moisture to the skin. It does not exfoliate the skin and does not weaken the structure of the skin. Thanks to the Colloidal Ppm 40 Silver Water particles in its content, it almost rejuvenates the skin. This means that they are smaller than 100 nanometers and are not visible to the naked eye, called nanoparticles. Usage: Clean your skin well with the recommended Silver Water of Offrose, take an adequate amount of the serum in the palm of your hand and rub it on your skin with your fingertips. Apply twice a day.

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